Niels Uiterwijk


Language: C++
Engine: Custom
Platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, 3DS & PS3

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game.


For the mobile version I was the Lead Programmer on this project, and lead a team of 7 programmers to update our internal engine to also support OpenGL ES 2, next to D3D11. A major task for Terraria was to optimize its memory usage, as our target device only left 100MB for running apps. I designed and implemented a memory streaming technique that was fast and made most use of the memory.

Another large task was to setup and maintain the build pipeline, we created several scripts to automate the building as much as possible for all 4 target platforms. This allowed us to release many updates over the years and improve the game.

The 3DS version was developed at a later stage, and continued from the work that was done on the mobile version of the game. The 3DS had an even lower target memory restriction and I helped optimizing it as much was possible. The 3DS had also framerate issues in some area's of the game, which I also helped optimizing.

For the PS3 version of the game I helped implementing a part of the platform integration and fixing TRC's.