Niels Uiterwijk

Rocket Riot

Language: C++
Engine: Custom
Platforms: PC (Windows Store & Steam)

Get ready for Rocket Riot, an action-packed, side-scrolling, 8-bit shooter where the rockets and the fun never stops! With over 200 levels and over 300 characters, blowing things up has just reached a new level of awesome!


I created a D3D11 engine and implemented stereoscopic 3D rendering. The game was bundled together with the launch of Windows 8 and thus has to run on all their devices. This was quite a challenge as the original game ran on the Xbox 360 and now had to run on a tablet (in 2011).

Especially the large (15k+) amount of particles that could be on the screen proofed to be difficult to handle for most machines. I researched various solutions and tested them, eventually managing to reach the 30 fps threshold for low end devices by use of multithreading & gpu instancing.

A large part for this game was a whole new UI, and this required a new tool. I mostly worked on implementing the rendering part in the game, making sure it was performant on all devices.